Facebook as a Drug…

It is a lot like Cocaine. You join Facebook and it’s like a big party where everybody goes to hang out and have fun. Everybody’s on Facebook! When you first see something in your news feed that you like or otherwise agree with, you click “Like”. Then FB starts funneling more of that page to your news feed. That, and similar type pages begin to appear. Maybe you like it, maybe not. Eventually, after a couple years, your news feed is comprised of ideas and positions that you might agree with in principle but not in practice. After a while that’s all you see and repost. Pretty soon family starts to avoid you, friends are less willing to talk to you. But the new friends and pages seem to draw you and repulse you at the same time. And the News Feed is so engaging and spectacular, with takes and interpretations on stories of the day that you can’t look away. You become increasingly pessimistic and… paranoid. The subject matter becomes more and more isolated and polarizing. Fewer and fewer people are “Liking” your posts and “Shares”. More and more hours are lost sitting at the computer. Less and less is getting accomplished in real life. But it doesn’t matter because what you’re are telling them is so important that you don’t care what they say or don’t say. Phrases like, “If you’re not angry then you’re not paying attention” start to creep into your thinking. The information you’re getting is cutting edge and ‘could blow the lid off… blah, blah, blah’. ”  I can’t believe more people aren’t outraged about this…” “Someone needs to do something about this…” “I need to ‘Share’ this because my friends and family need to see what they are not being told…”




It’s not about Conservative=Good, Liberal=Bad. Or vice versa. Or Republicans stand for Truth, Justice and The American Way while Liberals are Commie Scum trying to destroy ‘This once great Nation from the inside out’.

‘Murca! Yeah!! Love it or leave it, Pinko faggot!’

Yes, that is what many are saying. But I also see Democrats are trying to save the poor and Middle Class by waging war against the Fat Cat bureaucrat bankers and Big Business/Big Pharma/Big Tobacco/Anti-Union/Anti-Choice/Anti-Freedom/Anti-Gay/Anti-Muslim/Narrow Minded Self Righteous Bible Thumpers creating hate, division and intolerance.


blech. I need to check myself into rehab.


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